Your Daily Dose of Dialogue Questions

  • We have placed some random dialogue questions here for your use in several different categories. If you refresh the page, you will also refresh the questions.

    We have over 900 questions that will show up here.


    About Life

    How am I life-giving to you? HDIFAT?


    How do I see God reflected through my people? How do I feel about my answer?


    What do I like to do best without the family and WAMF?

    Hopes & Dreams

    What are my longings and yearnings for us and our relationship/me and my people? Describe feelings.

    About Life

    The time I feel most alive is _________. DFILD.

    School & Education

    HDIFA teaching our children to cook?

    Labor & Work

    HDIFA my/your co-workers?

    The Lighter Side

    How am I like the weather? HDIFAT?

    A New Heart

    Who can I/we go to when I need to be lifted up? WAMFAT?

    Parenting & Family

    HDIFA our child's current boyfriend or girlfriend?

    Prayer Life

    Do I pray for others to change or for changes in myself? HDIFAMA?


    Do we still sit next to each other? HDIFAT?

    Starter Set

    HDIFA our hospitality?





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