Your Daily Dose of Dialogue Questions

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    About Life

    HDIFA the size of our family?


    Do I have someone with whom I can be open when I feel stressed? How do I feel about my answer?


    When do I feel closest to all of you and WAMF?

    Hopes & Dreams

    What is it about our sexual relationship that I find most enjoyable? HDTMMF?

    About Life

    What do I see in your life as life-draining? HDIFAT?

    School & Education

    One thing I've always wanted to learn is _______________. HDIFAMA?

    Labor & Work

    HDIFA my office dress code?

    The Lighter Side

    My most favorite part of your body is.....HDIFTYT?

    A New Heart

    What do I like best about us/myself? HDTMMF?

    Parenting & Family

    HDIFA how active I am in our children's schooling?

    Prayer Life

    HDIFA my godparents?


    HDIF asking for romance?

    Starter Set

    HDIFA having children in daycare?





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